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Special Dance Show

Special Dance Show

Special Dance Show

Each Class learns a social dance:  Rumba, Salsa, Swing, Tango, & More to choose from and has the option to perform in our dance show!


Team Skills

Special Dance Show

Special Dance Show

Great Exercise!  Fun for all Ages!  A special experience to remember.

Social Dance & Performance Goals

2 in 1 Program

Special Dance Show

2 in 1 Program

Your students will learn the basics to social dance, line dancing, and perform with a team!

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Need a Dance Teacher at your next event? Drop us a line!

Social Ballroom

Social Ballroom means lead and follow to al variety of Ballroom Music.

For Ex:  We dance at Atomic Ballroom Dance Studio on Saturday and Monday Nights.  Here is Leo and Tillie creating as they go to Tango/Rumba Music.

You could do this if you enjoy the music and creating on the fly!

Social Ballroom Dancing

This video is what Atomic Ballroom Dance Studio offers every Saturday and Monday Night.

It's for everyone and we invite you to experience how much fun and how great the exercise is when you dance to Ballroom Music.

Pop Music & Partner Dance

Getting creative with pop music and ballroom-latin dancing equals this!

We taught 40 students this routine for their upcoming performance in the dance show.

Merengue Pop

Our students performed the Latin Dance Merengue at their last performance show.  

Volunteering your time to help kids learn social dance is a blast!

Contact us to find out how you can volunteer/assist young students or adults to learn social ballroom dancing.