About Us

Ballroom. Hip Hop. Salsa. Tango. Swing. Break Dancing. Line Dancing. & More!


We are a group of Volunteer Dance Teachers offering lessons to inspire you dance and build you up!

Learn to dance anywhere with confidence and style.  Above all have, you'll more fun engaging others in social or festive events!

We have taught at Elementary Schools, High Risk School Programs, Autism Education Centers, Cotillion for Kids, Ballroom Parties, Get Togethers, and Parks!  We teach everywhere.  

"If you're not dancing, you're just part of the crowd. Ballroom is Back!" ~ Leo Xendejas, Dance Teacher

Free Lessons


We teach a free dance workshop in OC once a month.  Send us an email and we'll send you free passes to our next workshop.

We also teach in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Dance is for Everyone


Ballroom Dance is great exercise and classy fun for all ages.

Share this experience with your community at your next celebration.

We will be happy to to teach for Free!

Call us or send us an email:  714 210 9154

Contact Us

Need a Dance Teacher at your next event? Drop us a line!

Social Ballroom

Social Ballroom means lead and follow to al variety of Ballroom Music.

For Ex:  We dance at Atomic Ballroom Dance Studio on Saturday and Monday Nights.  Here is Leo and Tillie creating as they go to Tango/Rumba Music.

You could do this if you enjoy the music and creating on the fly!

Social Ballroom Dancing

This video is what Atomic Ballroom Dance Studio offers every Saturday and Monday Night.

It's for everyone and we invite you to experience how much fun and how great the exercise is when you dance to Ballroom Music.