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Why Teach Lessons Free?

Offline Fun with Friends

We are a group of Volunteers & Dance Teachers offering lessons to inspire kids and adults to dance.


Everyone needs to socialize off line again.

Social dance will build self confidence, self awareness, and enhance social communication skills:  verbal and non verbal.

Ballroom. Latin. Hip Hop. Salsa. Tango. Swing. Break Dancing. Line Dancing. & More!

We have taught at Elementary Schools, At Risk Programs, Autism Education Centers, Cotillion for Kids, Adult Social Parties, Outdoor BBQ & Get Togethers, Juvenile Hall, Senior Centers, and Parks!

We teach everywhere.  

Social Dance is for Everyone

Social Ballroom Dancing will teach you Fun Social Principles:

Partnering, Team Building,  Social Grace.

We encourage you to share this experience with your families,

friends, or  community.  Yes, it's Free.