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1st Saturday of the month

Ballroom is Back! Dance Studio, Costa Mesa Ca

Ballroom & Swing Series.  

1:00 pm Waltz 

1:45 pm Foxtrot

2:20 pm Big Band Swing

Each class is 30 min. Beginner Level Fun.

These Classes start again in February & March 2020.

Feb & March Fridays

The Elks Lodge, Fullerton Ca

Great Food, Fantastic View from Outside Patio, and Live Music!

Join me for some fun dance lessons on the floor!  We are learning Swing and the Electric Slide.

Free Classes

Starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 8:30 pm.  (Admission into Elks Lodge not included)

Join us in Vegas

We are visiting Vegas again for Dance and More:

Meet us at: Cafe Mode for Ballroom, Latin, Salsa dancing, and other styles at the Cafe Moda, Las Vegas, Friday Nov. 22, 2019.

DJ starts dance music at 9 pm. 

Small Floor, Good DJ, FunDancers.

Get there early if you want a table.  Fills up fast as its a local hot spot for social ballroom latin dancing.  (Btw, the Tilapia is awesome if you like deep fried fish)

We are also visiting Mandalay Bay.  They have a great DJ and Lounge there as well as a Different Bar Lounge with Swing music and jazz also worth dancing too!

We meet at 9PM.  Dress Nice!

Volunteer your time

If you are able to assist a dance teacher please consider volunteering your time to helping kids learn to dance.  No Exp. necessary.  2 hours a week or 2 hours a month for a 3 months.   The CBZ foundation teaches kids the art of social ballroom dancing.  

If you would like to learn more about volunteering by assisting or teaching dance lessons for a good cause please contact us.

Thank you in advance.

Online Lessons

Click here to see our Online Videos.  Super Simple.. and kinda funny.

Just copy and repeat.  Relax.  Copy and Repeat.   Check them out :)


Social Dance

Social Dance

Social Dance


This style is care free and the most popular in most locations.  Weddings, Sports Bars, Night Clubs, Vegas, or Pope: this style is best.


Social Dance

Social Dance


Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango.  Usually done in Dance Studios on the weekends.  Nice form of exercise and adds more polish and grace to your lifestyle 


Social Dance



Salsa dancing is a lot of fun!  Fast paced and usually hosted at night clubs.  Add Bachata and Merengue to complete your Night Club experience.


Hip Hop & Pop



Big Band Music, Rock n' Roll, Blues, & Pop, it all goes with Swing.  Fun, Easy, this dance is usually done in dance studios; however, there are a few extra spots to Swing on the dane floor!

Hip Hop & Pop

Hip Hop & Pop

Hip Hop & Pop


So awkward to be a fun night club and not dance?  Pop music and Hip Hop are a lot easier then you think.  Turn awkward into easy confidence and get more Fun on the dance floor.

Slow Dance

Hip Hop & Pop

Hip Hop & Pop


Slow Dancing is super easy to look good at and even exceptional!  This style is for the romantic or over achievers.  Perfect for slow songs, romantic songs, and Weddings.

Free Video Lessons

Night Club 2 Step

It's kinda like a Salsa style dance very suitable to most pop music.  This routine was designed for our Students to practice and enjoy social dancing.

See how much you can learn and let us know what you think :)

Merengue Dance

The easiest Latin Dance Style around and extremely popular around the world!

You can also apply super simple dance to almost all kinds of music.  Billie Ellish "Bad Guy" is a great example of dancing Merengue to fun music!  

Check it out and copy our steps!